Research Summary

Although I'm interested in various aspects of artificial intelligence and robotics in general my research interests focus on active perception, grammar-guided perception, human-robot interaction and software engineering for robotics. During the last years I have been one of the core developers of the RoboComp robotics framework. I have also developed AGM/AGGL, a cognitive architecture with special focus in enabling robots to reason about perceptive actions.

RoboComp is an open-source modern robotics framework. It makes extensive use of technologies such as component-oriented programming and domain-specific languages.

AGM/AGGL is an open-source robotics cognitive architecture. Its key features are its ability to reason about perceptive task (e.g., how to find an object), its modularity and reusability.


  • Active Perception
  • Grammar-guided Perception
  • Perception-aware planning
  • Software Engineering for Robotics
  • Human-robot Interaction